Lofoten Islands


The Lofoten islands are known for its exceptional natural beauty, the picturesque Fishing settlements, the Rorbu (Fishermen’s cottages) and the stockfish.

Lofoten - Where to stay:

Hotels in Lofoten

Rorbu (traditional Lofoten cabins) and Lofoten Vacation rentals

Lofoten - some places worth visiting:

Svolvær – this town has a historical significance as an important fishing village.  Svolvær is a major transportation hub and favourite starting point for tourists visiting the Lofoten islands. Whale watching tours depart from Svolvær in late autumn and winter with a focus on Orcas (killer whales). Boat excursions to nearby Raftsundet strait and its famous branch Trollfjord is also arranged from Svolvær.

Nusfjord – is an authentic fishing village and you can find most of the buildings which were part of one of Norway's eading fish buying stations of its time. Nusfjord has its own general store, a cosy inn and a restaurant.

Reine – the breathtaking fishing village of Reine is the administrative centre of south Lofoten. Many of the best hikes on the Lofoten Islands are within a short distance of Reine and the fishing village of Å is less than 10 kilometers down the road. For kayaking, biking, and skiing in the winter, outfitter Reine Adventure has its office in town.





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