Book a Tadoba Accommodation and Hone Your Wildlife Photography Skills

03/02/2017 09:23

Book a Tadoba Accommodation and Hone Your Wildlife Photography Skills

If you are in the business of wildlife photography, you could consider visiting the Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra. Professional wildlife photographers are always ready to go for trips to forest reserves as they are enticed by the amazing variety of fauna and flora there. The pristine forests promise wonderful wildlife photography. A business trip to the national forest means packing the appropriate cameras, gear, and lenses. It would surely be requiring a little bit of planning.

When traveling to the Tadoba Tiger Reserve, you need to book the accommodations well in advance. To maximize your chances as a professional wildlife photographer, you must do ample research regarding hotels, transportation, restaurants and sight-seeing attractions before you decide to travel. All this information would be helpful as you could then make an informed decision regarding the type of lenses to carry along with you and you could also have a perfect plan in place for making the most of your time at the Tadoba national forest.

When you are traveling to the Tadoba Tiger Reserve, you are sure to come across some mind-blowing backdrops, mesmerizing flora and fauna and some truly amazing people. One important trick for getting wonderful pictures is to take a picture with all of them in one frame. That could be pretty challenging at times. One best trick is to set your camera up, as soon as, you identify the interesting backdrop. Then all you need to do is to sit down patiently and wait for some action. When something interesting or someone interesting enters the scene, you are all set to capture the wonderful moment.

Tips to Wildlife Photographers

Ever since the introduction of the digital SLR technology, there has been a remarkable rise in the number of photography aficionados and more and more of these photography lovers are today showing their interest and pursuing a genre which was previously meant only for a chosen few, that is wildlife photography. Over the years wildlife photography, as well as, landscape photography have taken a major leap forward and there has been a tremendous growth spurt here. Today we would be providing you with a few easy to use tricks and tips for taking lovely pictures of the pristine forests, the magnificent flora and fauna and the enthralling landscape when you are in a reserve forest like the Tadoba Tiger Reserve. What are you waiting for? Book a room in one of the nice and comfortable Tadoba hotels.

Longer Lens Are Best

Wildlife photographers would be requiring the longer lens for capturing the action. Something over 200mm and along with an effective image stabilizer would be right for clicking fabulous pictures. For excellent zoom ranges, you could consider some of the point-and-shoot digital cameras.

You Must Know Your Gear

You could miss a golden opportunity of capturing a mind-blowing shot of a lion sauntering right in front of your eyes if you are not confident about your camera or lens or if you start looking for something in your bag. Be well-organized once you step out for wildlife photography. You need to be ready and take pictures with a steady hand and mind. You could miss out on some action-packed moments if you are not inherently familiar with the abilities of the lens or the settings of the camera. You must have a clear understanding of the following if you wish to make the most of the wildlife photography in the Tadoba Tiger Reserve.

·       Know the minimum shutter speed for getting a sharp image using your lens and camera.

·       Learn to toggle fast between focus modes or focus points

·       Understand the maximum limit you could stretch your selected camera’s ISO setting, yet attain satisfactory results.

·       Familiarize with the added margins which the in-lens or the in-camera stabilization would give you.

Go Automatic for Best Results

It is much easier at times, to go automatic and allow your camera to do all the thinking on your behalf. Industry’s best wildlife photographers have maintained that going automatic is often the best choice as with wild animals you hardly get time to fiddle around with your camera settings. It is better to simply get the shot.

Carry Spares with You

Take some spare batteries and also an additional memory card for the camera. You would surely hate it if you run out just at the critical moment.

Take a Bean Bag

You need to keep still otherwise; your pictures would look blurry. It is a wise idea to use a bean bag near the car’s window for resting your camera lens on it.


Animals should be your top priority. It is important to know the animals well. If you would like to pursue professional wildlife photography, you must realize that wildlife photography is all about capturing fleeting moments, enthralling poses, and unique animal behavior. The golden rule of wildlife photography is to be patient at all times. Wildlife photography is truly an art and is best mastered with patience and experience.




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