Refer others, get your next trip for free

Refer others, get your next trip for free

Got a travel blog, website or a big social media network? By giving away travel credits to your friends or social media contacts, you can actually earn enough travel credits to get your next trip for free or at a strongly reduced price. Here is a list of the best paying travel referral programs and how much you earn:

3.000$  - Airbnb referral program

For a limited time, you can refer friends or social media contacts via Facebook, Twitter or your personal blog and get up to 75$ per contact you prefer. In total you can earn up to 30.000$ per account, that's a lot of free accommodation! To start reffering, you must get a free account with Airbnb,  Read how to become a member of Airbnb here.

Sailo – get $100 per referral

Sailo is the new Airbnb for yachts and boats. Refer your contacts and get $100 per contact who rents a boat or a yacht. Get your $100 here. 

MisterBnB referral program

At MisterBnB you can rent 1000’s of gay friendly properties in most cities of the world. Get $25 when signing up via this link and earn up to $85 per contact you refer.

Wimdu affiliate program

Wimdu offers 1000’s of affordable houses, apartments and rooms worldwide and claims to be 50% cheaper than hotels. Become Wimdu affiliate through Affiliate Window and earn a commission each time someone rents a Wimdu property. Read more about the Wimdu affiliate program here or sign up directly via Affiliate Window

Travel Payouts affiliate program

Probably the highest paying travel affiliate program in the industry. Hotels and flights are easy to promote and advertisers earn $20 - $40 per transaction. This program is also a two tier affiliate program meaning you can earn money when you refer other affiliates. Read more about the TravePayouts two tier travel affiliate program here or sign up directly here.





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