Get a $25 Airbnb travel coupon to spend on your next trip

Get a $25 Airbnb travel coupon to spend on your next trip

For a limited time Airbnb members can invite their friends and social media connections to Airbnb by giving away $25 travel credits.

So here you go - a $25 Airbnb travel coupon if you're signing up by using my personal invitation link. 

Inviting people to Airbnb can earn you—and the people you invite—travel credit to use toward a new reservation. For each person you refer, there are two opportunities to earn travel credit. You earn credit when your friend completes a qualifying reservation as a guest and also when they complete a qualifying reservation as a host. You can earn up to $5,000 USD in travel credit overall.

To begin earning credits yourself, visit the invitation page on your Airbnb profile and send the link to your friends. When a friend clicks the link, they will receive credit that will automatically apply towards their first reservation with Airbnb. The credit will show up automatically on the checkout page of any qualifying reservation.

When your friend completes their first qualifying reservation, you'll earn travel credit to use for your own Airbnb reservations. You'll receive your travel credit after the departure date of your friend's trip.



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