Tips to Make Your Jungle Safari a Most Rewarding Experience

Tips to Make Your Jungle Safari a Most Rewarding Experience

Travelers are looking for more and more exciting avenues to make their trips most enjoyable and memorable. Those who are so fond of nature and wildlife, jungle safaris are ideal opportunities to explore the wild life in the natural settings. There are many reserved forests and national parks offering wild life safaris to the public, and you can explore any of such secured wild life exploration to make it your next holiday destination. 

A good jungle safari can be enjoyed along with your family or with a close group of friends. However, while planning for such a trip, you need to take some preparations and precautions to make it a rewarding experience. Here we will discuss some helpful tips to ensure that you get the best out of your next jungle safari.

Tips to prepare for jungle safari

Packing the essentials

Unlike a general touring trip, you need to take extra care while packing things for a jungle safari. It should not be so bulky as there are many restrictions to carrying things to a jungle. So, go through the instruction manual carefully while packing your essentials. A good pair of binoculars and camera are some essentials not to forget.

Clothes to carry

No need to pack your suits and tuxedos while preparing for a jungle safari. Try to include some fleece jackets, t-shirts, waterproof pants, and convertible cargo handy. While choosing clothes to wear during jungle safari, it is also important to make sure that the colors you choose also go well with the nature. Consider jungle-like green, khaki, olive green, muddy brown etc. so that you won’t be scaring or attracting animals. Avoid wearing bright colors inside the jungle.

Protective gear

It is good to carry some protective clothes and wears also while preparing for jungle safaris. There are protective clothes which can safeguard you from plant allergies. Layering up is also a great technique to keep your skin protected. Pack sunscreen lotions, dark goggles, antiseptic creams, wide brimmed hat, and some essentials medicines also while preparing your jungle safari backpack. An adequate pair of footwear / boots is also necessary.

Do the reservations early

You need to do the safari reservations early and also get confirmation a couple of days prior to heading to the destination. For those who are planning for Tadoba Tiger Reserve, Tadoba Resort is an ideal place to stay. You may not be able to expect city-like comfort while considering jungle resorts, but ensure that they meet at least all basic amenities.

Clarify your doubts

Ask as many questions you have in mind and take a note of all essentials. Once you start the journey, you may be putting yourself and others in trouble without following the instructions properly. Don’t be the odd man out.

It is also very important to follow the instructions of guide during a jungle safari. Sometimes, you may be asked to stay inside the vehicle itself or will be instructed not to click a camera flash. The guides give your such instructions based on their years’ of experience, which has to be obeyed verbatim.

Author Bio: Walter Moore is an Indian conservationist working towards the goal of preserving endangered species of wild animal and birds, just finished his trip to Tadoba Tiger reserve, staying at Tadoba Resort for over a week.





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