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As I'm Norwegian myself this article is probably not unbiased, but I must admit I love to travel around my own country. As a nature lover it's so great to see all the different landscapes, the dramatic mountains and fjords and to experience the wild and shifting weather. Here is my favourite destinations:
Lofoten Islands
No place can beat the Lofoten Islands in terms of dramatic nature. The combination of steep mountains, narrow fjords and the wild open sea makes this place unforgettable. The number of hotels is limited, for this reason many visitors choose to rent a holiday house or a typical Norwegian log cabin 
Oslo is the capital of Norway, located in the south. From being a rather grey and dull place a couple decades ago, the Norwegian capital has developed into a vibrant city with a wide range of museums, restaurants and modern architecture. 
Top attractions in Oslo are:
  • Vigeland sculpture park
  • Holmenkollen
  • The Opera House
  • Akersus Fortress
  • The Royal Palace
  • The Munch Museum
  • The Viking ship Museum
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Bergen is the capital of the fjords and this beautiful town is packed with narrow streets and small charming wooden houses. But if you go there, make sure to bring your umbrella, because Bergen is one of the rainiest places in Europe. 
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What is typical Norwegian food?
In addition to travelling a lot in my own country I'm also hosting travelers from other countries visiting Norway, via services such as Airbnb and Tripadvisor Homestays. One of the questions I get the oftest is what typical Norwegian food is. I would say sushi, hamburgers and pizza, as that is what people in Norway is eating these days. But if I had to mention some traditional norwegian food, it must be the following: 
  • Brown cheese
  • Lutefisk
  • Norwegian meatballs (kjøttkake)



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