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Our trip to New York was great. Despite some trouble at the airport due to bad weather (after a 10 hour flight you really want to get off the plane, not wait in the plane 3 hours more!) we felt fresh and awake when we arrived in the city in the morning.

We arrived to the most amazing Airbnb we had booked the same day. It was located on the 34th floor with a stunning view of upper Manhattan. We shared the apartment with the owners, with our own bedroom and private bathroom. I’ve tried to find this Airbnb property online, but it seems to be gone, maybe it has been taken offline due to the strict regulations imposed recently.

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I’ve always been impressed by skyscrapers and architecture, I can walk around for hours in cities like New York. The city was impressively easy to navigate and we never got really lost.

We were surprised by the high price level, especially for food in restaurants. And it was not easy to find cheaper food options, at least we weren’t able to find any. If someone has a tip for some cheaper restaurants in New York I would love to hear from you.





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